There are literally a million things on my mind right now and with that, a million things to do. I’ve been meaning to drop by and write a couple blog posts here and there… And evidently, that has not turned out as I had planned. I digress. I mean, I’ve tried to sit down and write but it just didn’t flow. am so picky with what I write that I just end up deleting the whole blog post I had been working on the for the past hour. And then I regret not writing a blog post at all… That… and what was I supposed to blog about? I no longer am obligated to write blog posts… That was so last year.


But today, I have assigned myself a topic. I am going to write about technology and how stupid we are as a society.–

I was recently assigned to write an essay on whether technology should be used in classrooms and what schools should consider before committing to buy thousands of Ipads and laptops for 10 year olds. There were given sources that defended the idea of using technology and how beneficial it could be for students, teachers, and parents. In fact, some classes were having a virtual lab experiment online. How cool is that?! Teachers were talking about how easy it was to communicate with their class and how easy it was to post assignments online. Socratic seminar became online forum discussions and written essays are being submitted online. Heck, I’m writing a blog post right now through the Internet. Everything is through the internet nowadays… And it scares me.

People claim that they absolutely cannot live without their computer. Living without a phone is a nightmare, according to my sister. But really? Will you really die without going on the Web for a day? You know what? My sister is right. How could I live without my phone. That is quite an exaggeration, but nonetheless true. Technology is great. I mean I can just pull out my phone any time of the day and go on Twitter to be up to date. Without a phone, how would I be able to contact my family and friends? No Instagram and Facebook?

We really are sad. The fact that humanity has accustomed to becoming so dependent on these devices is just so…… pathetic!!! I tell people I just want a simple flip phone that would only be used for calling and texting. Back to the basics 101. I just want to be able to enjoy the present. Avoid the middle man and just take in boredom without having to depend on being constantly occupied. Just take a breather and relax. No distractions. This way, you would actually do something other than scroll down your Facebook feed. I constantly have to remind myself that the Web is actually an entirely different world from reality.
What is real and what is not? That’s the question.

And then how I wonder… how did people live back then? Oh right… They had books, magazines, the world around them! People actually went outside to look for their own answers rather than use Siri. I want to explore and discover things. I want to be able to go outside and learn. Not be stuck in a classroom where we now see technology being incorporated in every way possible.

So from now on, I urge you to resist from using your phone. Go do something productive. Do something you would be proud of sharing to others.


I’m pretty darn happy I finished a full blog post right now without deleting any of it. I really should start my homework.

PEACE — michelle doan xx


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