Down the Line

Down the Line by Jose Gonzalez has been my recent obsession, not only because it has such a beautiful melody, but because it conveys such a powerful message of finding hope when all you can feel is darkness. We are all vulnerable to the fear of not meeting expectations. We don’t like to feel like failures. It’s natural instinct to feel these emotions, but the scary part is that once you let all those thoughts consume you, they become you.

This song is a perfect example I was able to relate to my narrative essay: Perfect Problems and a lot of my other sport essays I have written. I had recently written for my English class. It was my first narrative essay of the year and was told to take a different approach. I always believed Essays were written as formal as possible, giving facts and textual evidence. To my surprise I was given free reign and it became a free write that I knew I would enjoy writing. Picking a personal subject and writing from the heart is why I’ve fallen in love with language. Once you have passion for your writing it gives you motivation to make every single piece you write the best version possible, especially if it’s a subject or experience that has affected your life.

I wrote my narrative sharing my experience of what I felt while I was injured during my cross country season. I expressed how much this season in particular meant the world to me. How it didn’t go as planned. It’s the worst feeling in the world when you give your all but it just isn’t good enough. What I took away from my experience meant the most to me and I finally realized it after I had listened to “Down The Line.”

“Don’t let the darkness eat you up.”

I recite this specific line of the song in my head at least once a day. It reminds me that these are the real tests I will face for the rest of my life. We are surrounded by darkness everyday, but how we choose to handle it defines how we define the way darkness eats us up. After I had written my essay I felt a burden lift off of my soldier because it was the first time I was able to sit and reflect on how I felt about everything during my season. At times, it even became hard to acknowledge what I had went through because it had become unwanted emotions I had locked away. This line wasn’t meant to contribute to the darkness and commencement of a reevaluation of your life. It has become a positive reinforcement for everything I commit to such as school, running and struggles at home. It will only get better if you accept that there has to be a sense of acceptance and love whatever happens.



José González- Down the Line


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