Easy Summer

It’s been quite a while since we posted and i’d like to attribute it to summer vacation, as a teenager all you want to do is sleep late, sleep in, hangout with friends and find a new show to obsess over on Netflix. That’s the problem, you tell yourself this is going to be a very productive summer and you start planning all the places you’re going to visit and it makes you the happiest person knowing you aren’t going to spend so much time siting around your house with boredom. As soon as summer starts your plans take off but after a week or two you fall into a accustomed lifestyle where  you’re lazy for more than half the day and eventually end up watching more Tv in a day than you should watch in a week. I guess this is why i’m writing this post. I’m almost half-way through summer and I feel like I haven’t done much to enjoy my break from school. It’s pretty hard going to places if you’re pretty much broke. I’m only fifteen and I don’t have a job! My parents are probably my only source of income at the moment, but that’s mo excuse as to why I can’t go and do other inexpensive things with my friends. So today i’m breaking my routine and hopefully take this as a wake up call to go out and enjoy this summer. Below are a few photos that i’ve taken over the summer to show that I haven’t been a total loser. Enjoy your summer!


Laura Resendiz

Thousand Steps Beach 


HB 5k 4th of July run 


Corona hike






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