To Surrender

Something which is very near in place and time, but not yet known to me

Uncertainty and possibility. The two basic laws that govern our lives.  It’s all entropy, randomness and the idea that life just so happens. Now that I think about, there’s nothing we can really do to so dramatically alter our life situation. It’s all luck and fate, two uncertain concepts that pertain to our well-being and potential happiness. Life is so chaotic and that we often forgot to reflect on the overall scheme of things. That things will be okay, despite the due dates and life obligations we’re expected to tend to. It’s ultimately up to us to redefine our perspective and attitude, and purpose because for one, that’s the only thing we really can alter in life. And to remind ourselves that things will get better and that happiness will eventually come. It’s all about having patience and learning to surrender, accepting.



To surrender is to have the courage to face reality. It’s being able to differentiate yourself from your failures and learning to accept: that we are human. People often forget that there is only so much they can do to change themselves and their lives. We cannot control everything in our lives. It’s impossible. We are so focused on the idea of achievement and push ourselves to do so much that eventually, we crash and burn, like all living things do. Like all over-worked and worried things do. I’m not telling you to stand there and watch yourself fail. What I’m telling you is to step back and relax, because you only live once. Most importantly, we must learn to accept that we’re not (all) super human beings. (I mean some people seem like they really can do it all.) But can they really?

Tell the angel who will watch over your life to pray now and then for a man who, like Satan, believed himself for an instant to be equal to God, but who realized in all humility that supreme power and wisdom are in the hands of God alone


Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their weaknesses, some more than others. It’s not in our ability to change the uncontrollable. It’s simply useless. What we can change, however, is our attitude. How we perceive things and respond to what is thrown at us. Like the saying goes,

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I’m no religious person, but this quote just embodies the idea of self-acceptance so well. It’s so important to realize that sometimes it’s okay for us to relax. Sure, there are a hundred things on our minds, like homework, finishing that essay, chores…. the list goes on. But at the end of the day, we’re left with our own thoughts.  This is the time for us to reflect on our day, our lives. This is when we remind ourselves that everything is going to be okay… Because what other choice do we have?




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