Therapy Sessions

What makes you angry about school?

I know what your probably thinking, another teenager on the internet complaining about having “too much stress” in high school. Part of this is true but Reality  shocker: It doesn’t get any easier from here. Have you ever stopped to consider that we will spend about 3/4’s of our lives working toward materialistic ideals: a nice house, model car, up to date technology. Or as Tyler Durden puts it

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like”


We have created a whole system for ourselves, since we were little. Some of our parents may have already mapped out our entire future that leads to lands of riches, but the funniest thing about all of this is slaving everyday like a dog to have nice things, but in the end you can’t take anything with you. All of your fortunes don’t matter, maybe they will to your children but you’re gone. I don’t mean to sound like a negative nancy, but this was inspired by a letter we were asked to write to ourselves.

What about school makes us angry? Honestly speaking, school makes me stressed and even depressed. I’ve always loved to learn new things, give me a good book and I won’t put it down until I read cover to cover. There are so many new things to learn and explore each day and thats why school always excites me when i’m able to go home and know a bit of history that I can discuss with my parents or relate something I learned in english to the problems i’m facing outside of the classroom. What really gets to me is that school has morphed into an institute that gets you ready for tests. You know theres a problem when A child values cheating on a test more than they care about the learning experience, but we have already been programmed at a young age that success is only achieved through scholar grades. “Get an A and you will be a winner!” We see it everyday. Speaking from experience, I was always placed in advance classes since I was little because I was told that I had the capacity to learn at an advance level, but aren’t we all? I can understand that everyone learns at a different pace but since we are little our futures are almost determined and we’re separated from what we call “Average.” After all those advance classes i’m now in honors, again another class separated from “average learning” and I do agree that it works better like this to accustom everyone to their needs, but not once did I think that any of those kids were stupid. The mindset is completely different.  I’ve learned so much from both sides of the spectrum I can’t choose which side is better. because no one side is better than the other. We shouldn’t let titles decipher what type of character you carry, and I believe that it needs to stop. So my challenge to you if your a student. Try to keep and open mindset for anyone who can teach something new. Sometimes the most wisest are the ones who have experienced the most.




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