Jeremiah 29-11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” Declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

The atmosphere that lingered over the mournful Monday must have been felt from the heavens for the clouds had decided to somber in gray and rest upon the students correlating with their moods. No one was able to describe the feeling, the students made their way to their seats almost motionless. As the morning bell rang to commence the pledge of allegiance it was interrupted by a bleak voice in the background asking us to stand and have a moment of silence for our own fallen student, Sean Dylan Severson. Everyone had heard the stories, and had experienced the shock as well as the grief. The silence was broken with a small stiff cry that was coming from the back of the room. When you looked around the room in that exact moment you saw the watered eyes holding back pain, but most importantly the unity within a room of teenagers. Everyone came together as one to pay respect to a young soul that will impact many of us for times to come.

Could it have all been different? What if he woke up two minutes later that same morning? What if he would have spent longer eating breakfast or What if he had missed a light while biking on his way to school? Would the accident still have happened… But no one ever knows why these things happen. We are always left with the impression that everything happens for a reason, but is this even justified? I didn’t know Sean but there were many opportunities that I had to introduce myself and I regret that I never was able to. He was a close friend of my two friends and I can say that I never once saw him without a smile, and I saw him almost everyday. Talking to my friend, he said that Sean just wanted to make the world a better place for his friends, a young light hearted soul. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end.. He was supposed to graduate high school in 2016. He was supposed to go off to college, start a career, lead a happy life for a long time to come. You always hear about these accidents on the news, but you never expect them to hit so close to home.

About a month ago I was in a car crash on my way to school. I had left in a hurry fearing I would get another detention, and almost pleaded with my dad to drive faster every time we passed through each block. We managed to skim by an orange light as soon as it was turning red, but what happened next was life taking its course. A stray dog had decided to run on the middle of the intersection and cross paths with my car. The brakes came on but not soon enough and it sent our car into a swerve motion. As fast as the dog came it scattered , and left another car slightly damaged during the process. There wasn’t anything I could do to help my situation but I kept on questioning why It happened. Why did the misfortune settle upon my family? but what I failed to acknowledge was the fact that my father and I walked away from the crash free of injuries and broken bones. Not one bruise was found or felt. I didn’t even take into consideration what could’ve happened and how lucky I am to be able to live another day and learn from the world. Now as i’ve heard the tragic incident that occurred on thursday morning not a day has gone by where I don’t  count my blessings and thank the lord for another day. So this next note goes off to Sean for helping me see what’s really important.

I don’t think that you know how much of an impact you’ve made on my life. I didn’t know you but you have helped me reflect on my own life and look at what’s important. To see loved ones and say I love you everyday is a blessing that no one should take for granted. You have not only changed my life but many others. I don’t think you know how much people cared about you and everyone has nothing but kind loving words when speaking about you. I’ve never been much of a religious person, but these past few days have made me come the conclusion that heaven gained an angel. I hope to formally meet you in heaven someday. Rest in peace Sean Dylan Severson.


Love, Laura




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