Romantic Irony

Romantic Irony: when the author or creator of the work shatters the works false pretenser or illusion of reality.

It seems as if things always go wrong when we finally get our lives together. It’s one thing after another… One minute we feel content and happy, the next we’re confused and frustrated. Why is it that life works like that? Why can’t we just all live in the moment and hold on to to what makes us happy? Because life is cruel and strange, my friend.


But I’ve come to a realization that all these struggles and constant battles is normal. Like it’s somehow fixed into my “life” schedule. In fact, I almost feel uncomfortable when things go so well. And when they do… I wait to see what my luck has gotten me into next. Sort of like I’m anticipating my “bad” moments. It’s not that I’m a pessimist. I actually try really hard to be positive and happy, it’s embarrassing. But it’s that I am realistic… and I like it that way. I know my boundaries, my strengths, and most importantly my weaknesses.

Over the years, I’ve learned that life really is about learning to pick yourself back up through difficult times. It’s all about how you compose yourself… not what makes you so great and admirable . Even Paris Hilton has bad hair days.

Learning to accept is key to happiness. Be cautious and aware, yet sassy and bold.  Look your troubles in the face and say, “Whatever” because it’s just not worth your time. Own your fears and obstacles and rest assured, you will see things differently…


Have a wonderful day.



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