Winners and Losers

Let’s face it. School is all about grades. It’s no longer about learning, but rather to satisfy others, especially your elders. One’s own standards of success and morals are set by their parents, not themselves. This is the ironic thing. How we grow and prosper as individuals have been overtaken by people who care for us! Sure, they mean the best of ways… But are the standards they have enforced representative of what WE want in life?

I feel everywhere I go, I hear parents telling their children to become doctors, lawyers, etc. They are so focused to press upon such condescending views of success to their offspring that they fail to recognize what true success really stands for. Parents often lose sight of the “now” and the fun of their child’s high school experience. They are so focused on ensuring their child’s future that success to them means something that can be attained later on in life, that is with hard work and dedication. Not something one should focus on now, but later. This philosophy is true, however is it realistic?


In today’s society, parents pay thousands of dollars for their children’s tutoring classes, expecting their kids to do well at school and be on top of things. They enroll their kids in an exceeding number of AP and Honors classes without consulting others. Does this sound reasonable? No… But why do parents do it anyway?

Because there are winners and losers in this world. Well at least according to their agenda… You’re either an successful individual, or you’re nothing at all. There’s no in between. It is so difficult to live in a society where such ideals have been embraced by both your peers and elders. And what other choice do you have but to accept and conform to them? As a child, you want to do everything you possibly can to satisfy your parents. They were the ones who raised you and the least you could do is listen and follow what they say. But what if that lifestyle isn’t for you? Do you simply rebel and pursue another path? It is up to you… You are the decider of your life and what you want to make of it. Not your parents. Not your teachers. But you.


Many parents today, like my own, feel they have an obligation to make up what they missed out out when they were teenagers. At times, my mom would always tell me how fortunate I am to be raised in a country where school and such means of education are “unlimited.” She would then go on to tell me how she had hardly had any resources and time to study, as well as educate herself. She didn’t have the opportunity to be tutored or buy school books. Nevertheless, she came to America, graduated, and is now working for the state as a medical professional.

It all comes down to if you really want success. You have to want it to achieve it. No one can force that idea upon you. Not even yourself. It’s something you must learn to embrace. Success. It’s to believe that you are a winner, despite other’s pressing ideas of what that really means. Because after all, success is what you make it to be. So make it a good one.


Have a wonderful day.

-Michelle Doan


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