… and when you sense a faint potentiality for happiness after such dark times you must grab onto the ankles of that happiness and not let it go until it drags you face- first out of the dirt– this is not selfishness, but obligation. You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.

We have every right to feel pain and sorrow. We’re only human beings. It is okay for us to have confusion. One must accept that it’s all part of life. Yes, it may difficult to deal with these struggles, however what you make of the situation is what determines your overall being and existence. Your response to all this chaos we call life.


For my “Brain Fuel,” I’ve been reading “Eat, Pray, Love,” a well-crafted novel by Elizabeth Gilbert. To sum it up briefly, this novel is about a troubled woman named Liz who had “escaped” a terrible divorce after coming to a realization that marriage was not for her. Unlike most, Liz did not long to be a mother or a wife. In fact, she was quite unsure of what she wanted to be. This led her to take trips to Italy, India, and Indonesia, where she felt perhaps she could figure herself and purpose in life.

In the beginning of the novel, it is evident that Liz’s mental, physical, and emotional state had come under her chronic depression, which had worsened after the divorce. She had grown so wary and sensed her inefficiency after realizing that one year had gone by and she had not yet taken any steps to get out of her own mess. Liz was so consumed by her troubles that she failed to recognize that she had let happiness tip toe away from her life, soon to disappear. She was constantly thinking about her next step towards achieving a tangible goal that the idea of a spiritual and inner peace was no longer an option, nor something she could reach. It was a depressing though, and it saddened her like no other.


She admits that she was no longer young enough to be worry-free and wandering about. She was a grown woman who needed some balance in her life. She needed peace and happiness. In desperate need…

So I would like to ask… What is happiness? What is it to you? How does one simply obtain happiness? And most importantly… why is there such thing as happiness?

Nevertheless, it can all be agreed on that happiness is something we want to attain. It is our goal and purpose in life to do so, for we were put in this universe to experience happiness. Bliss.

I’ve come to the conclusion that happiness is impossible. It’s something so hard to obtain that people often give up on it and dwell in “sadness.” People are willing to do anything to experience happiness and that idea itself, explains a lot about us. Be careful, though. You might just get stabbed by its pointy edges of barbed wire and eels.


Happiness is possibly the greatest thing ever. It’s to have acceptance and faith in what truly matters: yourself. It’s having the courage to look past what needs fixing and recognize the beauty of the now and what makes it so darn special. Learn to trust that happiness is always with you. Give it attention. Don’t let it go, because someday it might just run away.


Lastly, happiness is the little things in life. It’s finishing a long run. It’s reading old, hand-written letters from your friends. It’s eating at your favorite cafe. So do what makes you happy. Go for a run, take a nice long bath, and reflect. Reflect on your day and how happiness has somehow managed to make your life just that much better. It’s sneaky, this one. Picture2


I challenge you to find your happiness. Grab on to the ankles of happiness and remind yourself that you deserve this! You have earned happiness. You are living, breathing air. You are here in this universe, at this moment, reading this very post. And must I remind you what our purpose in life is? To be happy. Simple as that. Forget obligations and what is expected of you. Focus on yourself and the rest will come.

Have a great day and enjoy.


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3 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. I love how you guys go out of your way to make your own pictures.
    It makes me want to do more than im doing now with my own blog. 😀

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