Confessions of a Teenage Blogger

“The coolest thing about creating a blog is the freedom to express yourself with no one telling you what to do or what to write. You are writing your own story, and people are intrigued on your point of view”

To all the people reading this blog: Hey! All of you who have clicked this post have taken some interest into what some average unknown teenager has to say, or maybe quite possibly you just stumbled onto our page and decided to check out our posts. Whether you finish reading this post or not is completely up to you, but maybe you could learn a thing or two.

If you didn’t know already this blog is ran by my best friend Michelle, and I. Truth be told we lead normal lives in the beautiful Golden State, California, more specifically SoCal. (We take huge pride in where we live as you can see) We attend public high school, participate in sports, and are honor students with the same goal as any scholar high school student: getting into a good college, having a good job, living a happy life etc.. We didn’t start a blog to try to become famous, if that were true we would of tried to achieve that through Youtube. So you’re probably asking yourself why did two no-body teenagers decide to create a WordPress and share their experiences with the internet world?

Coming completely from my own honest perspective this blog was a year-round  project assigned by my really rad English teacher, and I would always hear stories from students who had done it a year prior. I was stoked on this project, it was a complete different approach than a written novel project that we might have been assigned.

“Okay, this assignment is going to be a piece of cake. I won’t even have to try that hard”

We were told to write a new blog post every tuesday that somehow related to English class, and the important lesson that we learned. Let me tell you from the five months of experience i’ve had, creating/ running a blog is one of the hardest assignments i’ve ever taken on. So many little details go into creating this blog that you are looking at. From the theme, to the color, font, even the widgets this blog was built with a style of care and characteristics that can be seen in Michelle’s and my personality. It’s actually pretty crazy to know that you can decipher a person’s personality by the way the way they write, or how their blog’s laid out. Writing each blog post is the hardest struggle, because it’s hard for me to relate what I would like to say to a lesson I learned in English class. Earlier on for the first few weeks, it was easy to pick a topic, but it soon became a daunting task in Mid-November through early December and I even contemplated giving up on the blog, but something kept on telling me to keep on trying. I’ve always wanted to become a better writer. I know I would never reach Hemingway, but I wanted the confidence to be proud of my writing. I took a different approach on my writing, and Michelle, and I updated our page to complete perfection through our eyes. We suddenly became obsessed with making our blog the the best it could be. It wasn’t even an English assignment anymore, because we took it to a whole new level. We started taking our own photos with the help of my brother, and we were even inspired to create a music page randomly one day when we were listening to Coldplay’s freshman album, Parachutes. We set out to create a blog page that if we were to come across we would be interested in following.

To us, this turned out to be more than just a blog, but a creative outlet. Michelle, and I are even stoked to continue this blog even after the assignment ends. So to answer your question about why we write this blog: We want people to come across our page and have that “OMG” moment where they can relate to everything that we’ve written about and be filled with happiness. Having  someone relate to your writing whether their from California or across the world really fills you with joy when your having a bad day. Even on our music page, If we can get one person to see a song they like, and smile it really makes all of this worth it.




9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Teenage Blogger

  1. Students! If you don’t mind I would like to use this post as an example to show my students of your thought process behind your blog. I live how you decided to add music and pics. My fav thing that you young ladies said is this, “We suddenly became obsessed with making our blog the the best it could be. It wasn’t even an English assignment anymore, because we took it to a whole new level.” I will not speak for other teachers, but for me, this is the hoped goal for every “assignment”. Thank you for posting this! It helped me and will help my students!

  2. I work in the Technology Department for Little Falls Community Schools (in Little Falls, Minnesota) as the Digital Learning Specialist (I help teachers and students with technology) and I love what you are doing with your blog. I am now more motivated to get my teachers blogging! Thank you for sharing and have a great day! ~Neil

  3. Really enjoyed reading your account of blogging. I work with university tutors to design and set up blogging assignments for their students, and it’s most useful to read about how students experience these tasks. Keep blogging and sharing! (And BTW SoCal rocks – particularly when you live in England and it rains all the time….)

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