Innovation: More than a noun

Innovation: noun: The process of innovating;                                                                                                                                                                           A new method, idea, or product

It’s what we all want to accomplish throughout our lives. Many of us, like myself, feel like it is our number one purpose to leave our mark by the end of our high school career. When we think of leaving our legacy behind such as others have, we sum up the stereotypic’s of becoming the popular jock, the pretty cheerleader, the brainiac who will get into harvard and become bloody rich, or even the class clown. We automatically try to fit ourselves into one of these categories thinking that is it the only way to be remembered among our fellow classmates. What most students can’t seem to grasp is the idea that there are so many people in our school that have made a huge impact on your community for the better. They might not be remembered by many, but to others, they have made the biggest impacts in their lives.

I recently came across ( a non-profit organization that has multiple campaigns that have helped people all over the world. The crazy part is that it is managed by average teens! Not only have they helped the community, but they have made a huge innovative impact on other’s lives. Many of them go unrecognized by their tremendous deeds. I believe that these are the people who truly need to be remembered for what they have done.

For my tenth grade year I am currently being assigned an innovative project to create that will benefit my school and the community. I have gotten together with a few of the people who sit around me and we have created the Idea Dispenser.

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 9.57.51 PM

You can check us out on twitter and Instagram to see our progress. This whole idea of helping us better the school is new and exciting to us, and at times a bit frustrating, but it’s a really good feeling knowing that this is going right back to all the students.  We held a car wash last sunday and we were able to raise $267 toward our idea. People really seemed to take interest in what we were trying to accomplish which gave us a huge confidence boost in our project. There are many more steps to complete but it’s been a great learning experience. We might not be remembered by everyone at our school for what we did, but hopefully we are able to brighten student’s days with a positive message. Who knows? They  might be inspired enough to do the same.






2 thoughts on “Innovation: More than a noun

  1. Your blog is a wonderful example of how teens can change people’s thinking with their words. I teach 8th grade Language Arts, and I enjoy reading what two teens in CA have to say. Thank you for sharing your blog with everyone; you are doing an outstanding job.

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