In class we all participated in “mishmash” day, which is an activity that requires 100% of creativity and imagination. We were shown different options of creation we could choose from, and I was intrigued with a certain artist that was shown. His name is Javier Perez, and he takes takes any object (as the one below) and makes a magnificent creative drawing using the object of choice and a pencil. It really is amazing and if you want to check more of his work out you can visit his Instagram profile @cintascotch

I have never seen anything like it before, and all the pictures seemed to make sense. I wanted to set out and create my own interpretation of this art, the only problem was that I had no idea how to get started. I spent more than 30 minutes trying to brainstorm all different types of ideas, but I felt that everything I thought of was lame. I wasn’t content with any of my ideas, because I was so fixed on creating something that was just as amazing as Javier’s work. I failed to realize that I would never be able to create a drawing like Javier, because I WASN’T JAVIER! I had to create something that I would be proud of, because it was my own raw idea. I went back to my original idea, and drew up my own version of Javier’s creation using 2 quarters, a grey crayola crayon, an Ipod nano, and a push pin.  (The end result below)
I walked away pretty proud with myself, because I came up with this idea all on my own. So the next time you are fixated on making your work or creation like someone else’s take a step back and realize that your original idea is just as amazing: someone else is probably trying to make their creation similar to yours!

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