Pure Imagination

In such a structured society, it is difficult for us to freely express ourselves without fear of being judged. That, I feel is the biggest obstacle stopping us from living life as is. As a child, I always remember coming home from school having assigned an art project of some form, whether that be coloring, doodling, or creating. Back then, it seemed like such a load of homework. I mean.. I had to go home and color!!! IN THE LINES! Being the perfectionist that I am, I would always give up and start over on my drawings. It was until high school that I learned art was simply putting things paper. Self expression. It wasn’t about perfection or achievement, but instead accepting art as is. As I grew older, teachers ceased to assign me art projects and instead, focused more in the structure of things: reading, writing, grammar, being some of them.

It was until I entered high school that I learned to appreciate the simplicity in art. Something so simple and easy to create could at the same time be beautiful. As a child, I was under the assumption that art was about intricacy. But who said art is about detail and depth? Not @cintascotch…

photo (17)By incorporating simple objects in his artwork, Javier Perez is able to create unique drawings. Take this grape cluster for instance. Perez’s ability to make use of it is absolutely incredible. His interpretation of art underscores the epitome of creativity and imagination.

photo (20)

Here is a one with a chipmunk…

photo (19)and one of my favorites….

Today’s mish-mash assignment reminded me of my childhood and in response, how society views art. The fact that there are so many different interpretations of artwork is what makes it so beautiful. Art is what you make it to be, whether abstract or realistic. And ultimately, it is up to you to define what art truly is.

One of the assignments was to create a homework assignment that consisted of drawings and doodles (aka what I do in class anyways). I based my drawings on the idea of “home” and related that to past experience/memories. Here is a picture of what I created:

photo (21)

The question I proposed was, “What do you think of when you think of “home?” Deep… right? This assignment was an interesting experience for me because I was able to think past of my teacher’s expectations. Rather, I focused on myself and my own expectations. No rules. No nothing. Just draw.

That is what I encourage you to do: to sit down and just dump your thoughts on a piece of paper. Write. Draw. Express, because that’s the best gift you can give yourself anyway. Have a wonderful day.

-Michelle Doan


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