Spirit of Adventure

Two weeks ago on friday might have been one of my happiest days in a long time. We were finally out for winter break which meant a little break from the real world that was much needed. If you’re like me and you received homework on the day day before break got out, chances are you won’t even think about touching your backpack until the Sunday night before we get back. I had so many adventures I planned to go on, as well as the many pictures I wanted to take and document.


One of the many adventures I went on, but what really had me thinking after break was the fact that I spent almost have of my break via social media. Whether is was Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat I fell victim to the fact that break just gave me a reason to just lounge around and see what my friends where doing on the internet. Now looking back on it I realized that that was time I could of used going out exploring, or hanging with my friends in person. This is a problem that now many people are asking, “Are our children too involved in technology?’ and, “Are they too young to be given all these devices?” I clearly remember growing up with dolls and dinosaurs, and running out to play tag with neighborhood kids. The closest technology we came to was a gameboy, or a gamecube that were invented right when technology started to advance. Now a days when my little cousin’s come over all they want to do is play on their ipad or watch T.V. It’s pretty outrageous that an eight year old wouldn’t want to play hide and go seek! At the same time I realized that I had the exact same problem. I can’t let my phone out of my sight for more than 15 minutes, because I’m afraid i’ll miss out on what other people send me, and I saw that the same thing goes for when your out with friends. All of my friends usually whip out their phones at dinner at start checking all their media, but then I saw that this was about what half of the people where doing in the restaurant. I understand that there might be emergencies, or your showing something to your friend but i’ve learned over this break to silence my phone for once and actually interact with the people I came to hang out with. It really is fun to live in the moment and soak in the memories with the people you love the most. I even picked up a really good book that I became obsessed with before break ended. It’s time to take a break from the corruption of media and go have an adventure (:




4 thoughts on “Spirit of Adventure

  1. I’m totally the same way, Homework doesn’t get done until 1:00 A.M of Monday morning! But I agree with you about our overuse of technology, and I think everyone sort of has that kind of problem in this age. In fact, my family has a tradition that every dinner, we all stack our phones in the middle of the table and that way we all interact with each other a lot more. Its funny how technology keeps humans so close together, but it separates us from the people we love most.

    • Yes! I couldn’t agree more, but if you take technology out of my life I find that I’m able to finish my homework 2 hours earlier. It’s the temptation of others lives that always keep me reaching for my phone! I love your family tradition! I’ll be sure to include that the next time I’m out with friends or casually having dinner with my family.

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