The Art of Life

What draws people to reach out and connect with each other? Weren’t we just other living organism that was meant to reproduce and populate Earth? But what has driven us, making us different to not only want, but also need all the living aspects of the life we have now.


We have believed all our lives that we need emotion, any type of emotion to fill the void of feeling nothing, because feeling sad was better than
feeling nothing at all. I’ve always wondered if this was what we were meant to feel, if this was Fate, Will, or just lucky timing. Wouldn’t it be crazy if we were the most hunted and preyed  living species in the world and another animal, lets say Apes were the most revolutionized species? It sounds bizarre but if you really think about it we were the species to evolve advance and innovate creations like no other.

I usually sit in all my classes pondering how Humans have got this far, and all the amazing things we’ve accomplished. To even go back and think we started from scratch with no instruction pamphlet or guided video just really blows my mind. Was all of this Fate, or the power of Will from that first person that decided to change the course of Humanity.


Others might believe in Adam and Eve, but you can still question the fact that Eve chose to eat the apple from the tree. Was It fate that she decided to eat and change the outcome of Humans? I think that emotions have enabled us to create who we are as individuals, and what we have accomplished in our creations. Not one person is exactly the same, but everyone is bound together by the same emotions. And in the end we all have to realize we live in a beautiful mysterious world where Fate and Will are always left up for the individual to interpret.

– Laura


One thought on “The Art of Life

  1. Wow! Laura this really made me question about why I joined running. Was it Fate, Will, or just lucky timing? Anyway that was such an amazing post! O-o You should write a book or something

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