“I hope you care to be recalled to life?”

And the old answer: 

“I can’t say.” — A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

What exactly is our “end goal” in life? or did i phrase that wrong… Is it to achieve some sort of tangible object or to complete a task in our “bucket-list?” Either way, it is safe to say that we all want to be happy. Whether that may reaching a physical goal or perhaps mental state.. it doesn’t really matter. Gaining a sense of identity and purpose is what enables us to gain self-acceptance and be content with what we have and have accomplished.


It is true.. that some people become obsessed with the idea of achieving their goals that they lose focus of what really is important. This idea of achieving their goals becomes something they HAVE to do: a requirement, even. Such people are so consumed with the thought of failure that they unconsciously allow such negative ideas to consume them. They fail to recognize their “end goal” and as a result, see no purpose in living. They become distracted by all the chaos that is surrounding them. This… is the root cause of depression, a mental illness solely responsible for extreme sadness and suicidal thoughts. And unfortunately, a disorder most prevalent in today’s society.

With all the demands and obstacles we are bombarded with, it really is difficult to focus on what is important and separate such ideals from those that are not. How is one single individual expected to juggle his social, academic, and home situation, while at the same time sort his priorities in life?! At times, I find myself questioning the same thing. Being involved in extracurricular activities, a demanding sport, as well as honors/AP classes really tests my ability to persevere and try my best. My parents are constantly pushing me to challenge myself. They have this theory that if I, being the first child, were to lead by example and do what I was told, my siblings would follow.


Some days, I feel unworthy, and how does this affect me? Not so great… However, I must remember to stay positive and keep my priorities straight. Because it is so easy to be influenced by others’ wants and needs, it is most important to realize and consider one’s personal goals in life. Drop the expectations and fear of disappointment and you will be okay. I guarantee it. Find your own purpose in life. That… is when you have reached happiness. Nirvana.

-Michelle Doan


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