Miracle Dolls


I recently joined Andrea Fernandez in her journey to spread happiness to kids at hospitals. Our mission is to provide hope and a sense of identity to children who have gone through surgeries or/and are sick. We plan to gather a group of people and make 50 “miracle dolls” to donate to local hospitals.  By using these dolls, the sick children will be able to express their inner thoughts/opinions through art, rather than words. They will be able to use their creativity to draw what they feel and thus, have a better understanding of what they are going through and how to deal with that. We feel that it is necessary for these kids to be able to express themselves in some form.


People, children especially, struggle with expressing themselves, which can have a negative influence on their mindset and overall perspective in life. They are unaware of what they are experiencing and as a result, have trouble verbalizing their inner thoughts and emotions. Art, another form of interpretation, can bring forth a positive mentality and influence young children to state their individual thoughts, rather than bottling it up.

In class this past week, we were provided an opportunity to explore our project a bit more and allowed to reconsider what our true goals for this innovation project were.  The “game” we played was called crows and crops, where an individual was interviewed by three peers and forced to answer questions that came up about his or her project. This activity enabled me to look past the superficial details and think about the  obstacles that may potentially  inhibit my partner and I from achieving our goal. This activity was truly helpful and put things into perspective for me.


We hope to gather a group of people to help us in our journey and spread the word.

Join us in our mission to spread happiness.

Blog: miracledolls.wordpress.com

Instagram: miracle_dolls


3 thoughts on “Miracle Dolls

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  2. I remember participating with my church in decorating blankets for ill children at St. Jude Hospital, I feel it is important to do things like this to show that the community cares and would love to help the ill children .

  3. Self-expression is really important, especially in young children because if they don’t express themselves they could feel as if they are confined. Thanks for sharing!

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