There is no I in TEAM

A few days ago in class our teacher let us watch a movie on Halloween, and I was excited to enjoy and kick back for the period. Knowing the occasion I expected the classical “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” but was shocked to see the title “The Guru of go.” I was kind of disappointed to find out it was a basketball documentary, because I didn’t know much on the sport. I can tell you from watching it, this documentary was the one of the most inspirational works of art I have seen. Within 20 minutes I was hooked on the story of Coach Paul Westhead and how he struggled to achieve greatness. The story of the Loyala Marymount team was truly a group of atheletes who played with heart.

Not only did they play with heart, but they played for each other. LMU forward , Hank Gathers was born a leader and never let his team down. Till the day he died on the court, he fought hard for his team which he considered family. He instantly reminded me of another great man, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens. Ray played with poise and never spoke a negative word. His speeches still echo in my ears inspiring everyone he comes into contact with. Here is one of my Favorite speeches he gave before his season ended.

Some people are meant to change the world and we’re fortunate enough to have these people share their wisdom.



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