The Faults in Our Age

Do you remember growing up as innocent children without any worries? Stress, school, and jobs had no meaning to your life yet. All you had to worry about was what toy you wanted to play with next.

Now a days we have created a complex puzzle of situations in our heads filled with worries and stress. Succeeding is one of the main goals we strive for in life. Everyone always has the same endeavor: ” If I earn a lot of money, I will be happy.” Or it turns into “I must be happy since I have a lot of money.” This is clearly not always the case if you have followed any celebrities in the news lately. We have built a society where rich people live the easy life without problems, where as the poor live a daunting stressful life. Why do we have to create and label on these different groups of people? I have met with both ends of people, and can tell you personally that richer does not equal happier.


As we get older and strive for success we lose side with our inner child, including creativity. We fill our heads with negative “impossibles” without looking at the positives. We don’t take time out of our day to enjoy the little things. When I was little I used to count how many steps it took me to walk through one pavement square. It was a never ending game that had me jumping to avoid all the cracks for fear of falling into “lava.” The pavement has turned into ordinary plastered cement on the sidewalk. I challenge you to think about all the games, and activities you used to play as a child. What has changed since then? If I wanted to, I could walk outside and play the same pavement game without any difficulty. There is no age police that will stop you. The only age police is the one you create yourself in your conscience.


Have you ever thought about the things that keep you sane in life? Waking up at 6:00 a.m always feels unbearable but you always get up and continue your walk of life for a reason. When your older it’s usually getting up to make it to your job on time, or if your still in school it’s to get an education, but there are more reasons on why you should wake up. Wake up with a sense of happiness that you are able to breathe in oxygen. Feel every object around you, and inhale all different types of smells. Not everyone has enough blessings as others. Appreciate what you have, because you don’t know how long you are going to have all these blessings.

Never go through life without enjoying all the games and things that make you happy, because you are never too old to experience your inner child. Free write all your experiences. Don’t stress on the little things. Go dance in the rain, talk as if you haven’t seen each other in years, and Love like you’ll never see them again.



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