Bewildering thoughts: Testing boundaries

Answering life questions are always the hardest things to do, you never know where to start or were to finish. In our modern working society we are assessed and judged on how we think and act, never testing the boundaries of our mind. doesn’t it ever boggle your mind how many questions are always left unanswered? I always find myself up at two in the morning asking myself all different sorts of questions. Why do bad things happen to good people?  How do I know what to do in life? One question that is hard to accept.


In class the other day we worked on a small project, “What if?” and our teacher had asked us to come up with as many what if questions. Nothing was out of reach and no restrictions were set up. When there are no boundaries it’s hard to start from scratch, I felt as if someone had spilled white out and it was seeping through my brain filling all my thoughts with white. I started out with simple “what if’s”, “What if we had

dessert for breakfast?” But those small questions expanded into questions that I noticed had been bothering me. “What if every person who did something bad was punished?” I realized that these were the questions I wanted to ask all along, but not writing them down with confidence, because I was petrified that one of my classmates would read my thoughts and judge.


This was one of the first times in class were I was comfortable enough to just drop the weight from my shoulders and truly express my thoughts and emotions. Sometimes all you want to do is keep your walls up, never exposing yourself to reality, but becoming vunerable, and expressing yourself can make you the strongest free  willed person. Be able to let your mind wander and accept the thoughts the bewilder your mind



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